About Amita Vadlamudi 

Amita Vadlamudi has worked in information technology for over 30 years as a Computer Systems Analyst supporting the Mainframe and the Distributed System Platforms. Ms. Vadlamudi possesses a solid background in IBM Mainframe Operating Systems and components, as well as SUN Microsystems’ server hardware running Solaris Operating System and IBM server hardware running AIX Operating System.

Amita Vadlamudi possesses extensive training and experience in coding programs in languages such as Assembler, PL1, COBOL, C/370, REXX, and Shell Scripting.

Ms. Vadlamudi has thorough knowledge of computer networks. She has worked on building and maintaining the network infrastructure on multiple platforms, while specializing in FTP file transfers within the company intra networks, as well as file exchanges with external sites over the Internet.

Among Amita Vadlamudi’s chief duties as a Computer Systems Engineer were supporting the company’s Unix systems, architecting and building SUN Solaris and IBM AIX OS images, while incorporating peripheral products such as Volume Manager and Powerpath. Ms. Vadlamudi oversaw the installation and maintenance of peripheral products, languages, utilities and drivers such as Veritas Cluster Software, Java, Perl, CST, Teamquest and lpfc. She also provided SAN connectivity and SAN boot support. She conducted server recovery exercises using the recovery suites such as Symantec’s Netbackup/BMR.

Prior to supporting the Distributed Systems platform, Amita Vadlamudi worked on a range of IBM Mainframe Operating Systems components including JES (Job Entry Subsystem) and TSO (Time Sharing Option). She has extensive training and experience in MVS internals, MVS data structures and diagnostic procedures. She supported IBM’s VM/ESA Operating System, several printing sub systems, and the email system PROFS.

Amita Vadlamudi attended St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. In addition to her degree, she supplemented her education with courses in computing at a community college.